Friday, December 30, 2011

Your Music Wedding Guide By the Numbers!!

5 Genre of Music to Consider

Want a party that's off the charts?  Match your music to the Reception vibe!

Here are 5 types of music to consider focusing your reception around!

1. Reggae- Consider this type for an informal outdoor or beach party!

2. Salsa-  Perfect for a clubby or Latin feel to your reception!

3. Bluegrass or Country-  Fun for a ranch, barn, or casual backyard blowout!

4. Swing-  Jazzy music that's danceable think Benny Goodman or Duke Ellington.  This will give you a retro-cool party.

5. International-  Add ethnic flavor to the festivities, perhaps a Celtic band or African rhythm to create the perfect mood!

All these ideas and more from Perfect Weddings and Brides!
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Your Music Wedding guide by the Numbers!!

DJ or Party Band.. How to decide?

Here are 3 reason perfect reasons for each to help you choose the best music for your party!

3 Reasons to book a band:

1. The Wow Factor! A band, with musicians, vocalists, and all those instruments, makes a dramatic impression.  Even non dancing guests will enjoy watching the performers.

2. The Sound Quality! Live music sounds better than canned music. Period.

3. The Energy!  Live bands get people out of their chairs and on the dance floor!

3 Reasons to book a DJ:

1.  Musical Familiarity! Guests love hearing the original artist performing their songs.  "Don't Stop Believing"!

2. Affordability! The staring price for a DJ in 2010 was around $800 for a band it was $3,500. 

3. Limited Space! A DJ can work in tight quarters and still sound great!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Your Wedding Music Guide By The Numbers!

Your Wedding Music Guide all this Month from Perfect Weddings!

It's time for the holidays and what better time to think about what music you would like to have at your wedding.  Music can make or break an event.  All month long we'll be giving you some ideas and tips to help make your wedding the most musical anyone has ever heard!

3 Ways to Cut Costs On live Music!

Tip #1  Hire musicians to play the ceremony and the reception!  The longer you book a live band, the likelier they are to negotiate price or just charge less.

Tip #2  Book a Band with fewer musicians who can each play several instruments.  You will have more chance to get your money's worth and a variety of music.

Tip #3  Don't have the Band play the cocktail hour.  Ask your venue if there is equipment that would allow you to play recorded music for an hour!

All these ideas, tips, and more from Perfect Weddings and "Brides"

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Guide!!

What to put in the Florist's Contract?!

If you florist doesn't have a standard contract, you can use these guidelines.

-The contract person's name, address, and phone number at every delivery location (don't forget to backup rain venues, too.)

- A description of every floral arrangement (including flowers that might be substituted), and the total cost, your deposit amount, and the balance-due date.

- The designated time when the florist will arrive at the site.

- The name of the floral designer who will work on your order.

- The services provided (setups, deliveries, breakdowns).

- An explanation of the cancellation policy, including how much, if any, of the deposit is refundable.

- The cutoff date for making changes to the order.

- All rental items, and who is responsible for returning them.

- What flowers, if any, are needed to decorate the wedding cake.

Perfect Wedding, "the couture experience without the price"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Checklist!!

Here is a quick checklist of what to bring when first meeting with your florist. 

-Photos of table arrangements and place settings that inspire you.

-A photo or sketch of your dress and the bridesmaids' dresses.

-Fabric swatches of the dresses and if available a fabric swatch of the table linens.

-Paint-chip cards that convey your wedding colors.

-A photo of your wedding venue and reception room.

-A list of the areas you're hoping to decorate (get as specific as possible).

-A list of the recipients of personal flowers, include full names and wedding roles.

With this checklist you meeting with the florist will be as easy as 1..2..3..!

These ideas and more from Brides and Perfect Weddings!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Guide!!

Pruning Your Budget!
No matter what your budget, almost every bride goes into sticker shock when she see the estimate from the florist.  But be prepared and check out these tips for smart savings on your blooms!

Tip #1 Downsize your containers- If your set on having pricey flowers like peonies or garden roses, you can save big by putting them in smaller vases.  Check out the picture!  Added bonus, a smaller vase puts the focus on the flowers.

Tip #2 Go for the Greens- For a cost friendly choice check out ferns, ivy and eucalyptus.  These can offer serious value but still create a show stopping centerpiece!  Typically you can save half the cost of a typical floral arrangement by using greens.

Tip #3 Think Creatively- Don't get attached to the idea of the traditional "must-have" centerpieces.  Think outside the box for an alternative that will be cost effective but fresh and lovely.  Perfect example of this is floating gerbera daisy heads in a low clear bowl filled with water.  Not only can you get any color you want in the daisies but they will last for hours!

Tip #4 Spend Smartly- If you have a limited budget, focus on what areas are really going to be getting the most attention.  For example, put beautiful arrangements on the dinner tables but leave off the list the seating-card table or the bathroom! 

Tip #5 Limit Varieties- More is not necessarily better in the floral world.  When you order a centerpiece with a lot of different flowers your florist has to buy more flowers then she needs.  For example, roses come in large bunches even if your only using a few you'll pay for the whole bunch!  Best scenario look for a flower that's large enough to look great in your centerpiece without having to add all the added ones.  Check out the picture above.

Tip #6 Go Short- Tall centerpieces require three to four times the amount of flowers than a smaller arrangement does.  A big impact can be made with a smaller arrangement.  You can mass together one type of flower and get a total "wow" effect.  Check out the picture above!

All month long its all about the flowers.  For these ideas and more.. Perfect Weddings and Brides!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bridal Blowout Sale!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Guide!

Perfect Weddings is dedicating this month to everything flowers for your wedding. 

This week is all about centerpieces.  A good florist does more then bundle flowers together, they can make your theme or idea for you wedding come to life with flowers.

Here are ideas for 6 centerpieces that center around the more popular wedding themes! 

1. Old Hollywood Glamour- If your planning on jumping back to age of black and white movies this arrangement would be perfect.  This attention grabbing display will be best with black calla lilies, stephanotises, and gardenias.  Set all these in a black, metallic edged urn to complete the look.  The perfect urn can be found on

2. Woodland Chic-The outside comes inside with this elegant display.  Use three different types of ferns (umbrella, leather, and koala) with accents of dahlia buds and disanthus to create this look.  The perfect accent for this display is a softly textured urn similar to the forest floor.  Check out for the perfect copper-plated urn.

3. Formal Garden-The traditional setting deserves a stately arrangement.  This theme is best portrayed by suing a silver urn with a mix of bushy white blooms.  Our favorite blooms were sweet peas, baby's breath, ranunculcu, and scabiosas.  This stately arrangement will have a beautiful and timeless appeal.  The perfect silver container can be found at

4. Sexy Fiesta- This bold theme deserves some hot colors.  The perfect base for this floral display is an iridescent glass pitcher.  This will a soft, subtle way to introduce this bold theme.  Now to punch up the fun for this arrangement add "double" gerbera daisies in a vivid palette of pinks, reds, and oranges.  A bold pitcher to completely this display can be found at

5. Country Charm-The simple, fun elegance of a rural landscape is displayed in this floral ensemble.  The perfect collection of flowers for this is snapdragons, tulips, and lisianthus in soft yellows and white.  A clean curved white vase would accent this arrangement the best.  This will add flair without overwhelming the flowers.  We recommend the reef vase from

6. Pool Party- Hosting a poolside party??  We thought hydrangeas, cornflowers, and tweedia in cool blues and purples would echo the colors of the water.  A coordinating blue glass vase will make this arrangement elegant but still fun.  The best container for this arrangement can be found at

Questions???  Comments???  All these ideas and more from Perfect Weddings and Brides Magazine!

Perfect Weddings

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twilight Bridal Coming Soon to Perfect Weddings!!

We are so excited to announce that soon we will be receiving the Twilight bridal gown from the movie Breaking Dawn-Part 1.  The gown will be a replica of the wedding dress worn by Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn-Part 1.  It will be priced in line with the Alfred Angelo's popular bridal collection, and available in sizes 0 to 30W to fit every Twilight bride.

Since the Twilight Saga began, Twilight fans have been imagining Bella's bridal gown.  If you search the web you will find fans worldwide describing their vision of "The Dress".  The question remains...just what will Bella wear?

What we do know is that her dress has been designed by the iconic Carolina Herrera.  The Dress will be unveiled in late November 2011 following the release of the movie.  It will be available to Perfect Wedding customers in late November or early December.  We cannot wait!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Notes Exclusive!!

We are over the top EXCITED!! Guess who's exclusive gowns are coming to Perfect Weddings!!  We cannot wait!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Ideas from Brides...

Here are some ideas from brides and grooms who were searching for ways to make their day more special, more unique, and more fun.

Make a special keepsake of your wedding invitation by mailing one to yourself.  Don't open it.  Keep it in your wedding guest book and save it for future generations to open.

Ask all relatives and friends to write a favorite recipe on the back of their response card.  Keep them in a special place throughout your married life.

When unsure about what color or colors you want for your wedding, consider using your birthstone colors for the wedding's color theme.

Some grooms buy lottery tickets for their attendants and have them place in one of the pockets of each groomsman's tux as one way of saying thanks for being in my wedding party.

If you plan to "throw the garter" at the reception, wear two.  Throw one and keep one in your memory box.

Buy a new silver dollar with your wedding year on it and add another one to your collection on each wedding anniversary.

Pick a charity that you both can support and make a donation to it on your wedding day.  If you are marrying for the second time or really don't want guests to bring gifts, let it be known that you prefer gifts to charity in lieu of gifts.  Then every year, make a donation to it on your anniversary.

For more ideas on how to make your wedding more "yours", give us a call.  Our trained consultants have lots of ideas!

Perfect Weddings

Friday, September 9, 2011

Desigener Bridal Sale!!

Hurry in, this is a great sale!  Save big on your Alfred Angelo gowns and on discontinued gowns too.  Please check out for more information! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Do Couples Still Register?

The answer is a resounding yes!  What has changed somewhat is the variety of stores and shops that now provide a bridal registry service.  We have learned that many brides appreciate a little advice on what to do before they make registration selections.  In spite of the publicity being given to some celebrity brides and their "news making" registry choices, the act of selecting registry sources and gift ideas are NOT just "gift grabs" as one of our brides recently stated.  Properly used, gift registries are a true service for your wedding guests. Guests have the assurance of knowing they are giving a gift that will be cherished, as well as the comfort of knowing that their gift is less likely to be duplicated.

Our first bit of advice is to reassure the bride that registry is "still being done". 
Next we remind the bride that the items chosen will be a part of their lives for years to come, so choices should not be made in haste-nor should they be made without the groom's input.

We urge couples to make their choices in a timely manner so that friends and relatives have time to purchase the gifts for pre wedding events as well as the wedding itself.

If you have many friends and family who live in a different area from you and the groom, we advise our brides to include a gift registry source with a national reach.  Most retailers have on line ordering, shipping and registry recording.  Today, most registries are electronic and the bride's choices are recorded for her along with guest purchases as they are made.

Please don't let anyone advise you that it is OK to include registry information in your invitation.  IT IS NOT!  Many things may have changed about weddings, but this has not been one of them.  It has always been in poor taste and remains so.  Because most brides create their own wedding web site, you can certainly list registry sites there.

Today's gift registries may be more sophisticated than the early versions, but the goal is getting information to your guests and helping them make a wonderful selection for you is the same.

All these ideas and more from Perfect Weddings

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

August brings the heat but with that heat comes berry pretty colors.  Including soft sunshiny blooms, and the perfect excuse to serve ice cream at your I do's. 

1 color, 3 ways...

Raspberry! Dramatic, modern, and romantic.  This luscious hue is our pick to beautify a warm-weather wedding.

Raspberry//Orange-Dreaming of daiquiris and tropical fruit?  These happy hues scream "seaside holiday".  So break them out for a beach-villa celebration.

Raspberry//Leaf Green-Sophisticated but earth, this duo is a natural choice for a venue with bucolic views of gently rolling hills-vineyard or farmstead perchance?

Raspberry//Silver-Up the formal factor by pairing passionate pink with a sleek, chic metallic.  It's just the luxe look you want in an art museum or loft.

All these ideas and more from "Brides" magazine and Perfect Weddings!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Plan for Happy Guest...

Yes, it is true- there wouldn't be a wedding without you.  However, your goal besides being the center of attention is to host a party that guests will remember fondly because they were treated so well.  Over the years we have collected ideas from our brides about what they did that made their guests happy at their wedding.  We'd be delighted to share them with you.

Some of our bride's secrets to happy guests:

When you create a gift registry at your favorite stores, be sure to include items that will fit everyone's budget.

When you select your reception food, keep in mind that a number of foods are universally disliked.  Foods like hot chili peppers, liver, Brussels sprouts etc. may be your own personal favorites, but if you serve them there will be lots left.

Pick centerpieces that are lovely and unique but not so big that people can't see across the table.

Arrange pre and post reception transportation for those guests who can't or don't want to drive.

Work hard to personally greet every guest at the ceremony or reception.  It means a lot.

Don't forget to feed your photographer and musicians.  Sandwiches are fine.

Limit the break between the ceremony and the reception to no more than one hour.

Have the band or DJ play a wide range of music so that everyone can dance at least some of the time.  Some "golden oldies" so that your parents and their friends can take to the floor are a nice touch.

Consider integrating your single friends into table groups with people who share the same interests.  A table of all singles isn't the best arrangement.

Remember to be the host with the most!

Questions or comments please email us.. Perfect Weddings!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Wedding Planning Tips...

The Reception

Because the reception is usually the single largest expense in any wedding, lots has been written about it. Much of the lore of receptions represents an historical or traditional flavor.  But times have changed.  The economy is different.  The bride and groom are different and the focus on the reception as the celebratory segment of a wedding event has changed somewhat.

One assumes that the commitment to another person inherent in the engagement process, is binding.  However, like the Crystal Harris plan to marry Hugh Hefner, it is always subject to change.  Crystal canceled her wedding plans two days before the event.  One can only assume that there were sufficient funds available to cover lost deposits and to issue guest list wide notes of cancellation.  But assuming that the wedding and reception went on as planned, these modern notes of advice would have been well received.

1. Leave the reception before the guests.  It used to be the "rule".  The wedding couple changed into their "traveling clothes" and left the reception to begin their honeymoon.  Today's couples have challenged that tradition and are frequently the last to leave the reception.  In some cases, it becomes a waiting game.  No one is sure who should leave when, so no one does.  One can speculate about the reason for this need to be the last to leave the party, but it can prove awkward.  Be gracious and leave before your guests begin to nod off at their tables.  It was a super party, but someone has to leave.

2. Whatever your budget for the reception, DO IT WELL!  If you don't have the money for a sit down dinner, switch to a buffet.  Don't skimp.  Do what you can afford to do beautifully. Switch days, switch times, switch venues-do whatever gives you the most beautiful ceremony and reception within your budget.  Don't try to reach a level that you cannot afford. Skimping always shows.

3. Let you focus at the reception be on your guests.  This is a huge party/celebration you are hosting.  And hosting means that the focus is on the guests.  The first rule of entertaining guests is to consider their time and attention.  That means: cut down the time between the ceremony and the reception.  Don't make them wait several hours between events.  If the lag time is two hours, that is too much.  Also, work hard to have the venues for the reception and the ceremony close together.  Be considerate of your guests and don't make them drive an hour or more to get from one event to another.

4. Cut down the guest list.  You don't need to have the area's largest reception.  Invite only those people who matter to you both.  Surveys have shown that after several years, couples look at their wedding photos and are amazed by the number of guests that they cannot name.  To a person, those couples regret having invited people who really don't matter to their important event.

5. If you have changed your mind and don't want to go through with the wedding, cancel it earlier rather than later.  Don't pull as Crystal Harris and cancel the wedding to Hugh Hefner two days before the event.  Remember the focus on the others.  The bride isn't the only star of the day.  The groom is a significant player as well.  If you two have doubts, work them out or agree to disagree and be gracious hosts.

For advice on other issues that can complicate a wedding, see one of our experienced consultants who have seen it all at least once.  Then can be your best source for answers.  Please feel free to email any questions.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Exclusive Wedding Notes!!

Cinderella Celebration Gown is Here! We have the entire collection of the Disney Princess Gown Collection! This exclusive collection will be for a short time 10% off for our Royal Wedding Trunk show.  The show starts on Friday July 22 and runs thru July 31.  Hurry in and be the Princess you are meant to be!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Perfect Weddings is now WeddingWire Rated for 2011Lancaster, Ohio - July 5, 2011 - WeddingWire, the nation's leading wedding technology company, is pleased to announce that Perfect Weddings is WeddingWire Rated 2011 for  Wedding attire. WeddingWire Rated is an annual award program that distinguishes wedding vendors across the country for their excellence. Based on hundreds of thousands of recent wedding reviews, WeddingWire Rated is the most recognized and trusted brand among engaged couples looking to find the best local businesses for their wedding.

Perfect Weddings has over 14 reviews on WeddingWire. Reviews by our newlywed clients include detailed ratings and insightful descriptions about their experiences working with our business and staff. Our reviews provide transparency for potential clients, assisting them in making the most informed decisions for their big day.

"We are delighted to unveil the 5th annual WeddingWire Rated program," said Timothy Chi, CEO, WeddingWire, Inc. "Perfect Weddings has made a commitment to capturing their clients experiences on the nation's leading wedding review site."

As the largest site for wedding reviews, WeddingWire empowers engaged couples with the most comprehensive and trusted review system available. The WeddingWire Rated program provides Perfect Weddings with a simple platform to capture customer feedback from their
wedding planning experience. Newly engaged couples can easily access all of the reviews for Perfect Weddings on We would like to thank our newlyweds for our WeddingWire Rated 2011 recognition.

For more information, please visit Perfect Weddings on WeddingWire at

For more information on WeddingWire Rated 2011, please visit

About WeddingWire, Inc.
WeddingWire, the nation's leading technology company serving the $70 billion wedding industry, is the only online wedding planning resource designed to empower both engaged couples and wedding professionals. For engaged couples, WeddingWire offers the ability to search, compare and book over 200,000 local wedding vendors, from
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Its Summer! With the sun shining, sunny colors rule!  So, Hellooo Yellow!

1 color-3 ways

Lemon! This vivid hue evokes images of summer days and sidewalk stands.  It also brings the happy to any occasion

Lemon/Rose- Make a strong statement with this bold, modern color combination.  Its a standout choice for a reception in an all-white loft space.

Lemon/Khaki-  Want to go rustic bur so over beige-on beige?  Pair a beaming bright with a natty neutral and you have a mix that's perfect for a countrified party.

Lemon/Lime-  This cheery twosome would be supercute at a preppy lawn ceremony.

All this and more ideas from "Brides" magazine

Please let us know if you have any questions.. check us out on Facebook or at

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Bridal attire has gone from safe to sensational.  Here are the Five high-fashion trends that are leading the push into the next generation of bridal fashion.

#1 Belts... Cool cinchers give formal gowns a hip, ready-to-wear feel.  Belts can also be a great way to personalize your look!  Also a definite style plus, is that it can give you an instant hour-glass shape.  Choose a belt that works well with the fabric of your gown.

#2  3-D Flowers.... Viva volume! Giant fabric flowers are creating beautiful additions and dimensions to the ball gown.  These flowers update even the most classic silhouettes with modern texture. Each gown has it own distinct design, try a few on to find the perfect fit for your figure.

#3  Vibrant Shoes.... OMG! This is the trend everyone is loving... Why not a color?  Why not a shoe that you can rock again?  This is definitely a fun trend that is breaking all the "white" barriers.  Wearing a stand out shoe puts your own personal stamp of style on your gown.  This definitely is where a bride can have some fun, most popular idea has been the wedding color that your bridesmaids will be wearing.

#4  One-Shoulder Asymmetry... Uber-glam stamp on the white dress!  Long favored in the fashion industry, the asymmetry strap definitely adds a Hollywood-chic look to a dress. The one-shoulder creates a more dramatic flare, giving into the more modern approach to the "white" dress.  Many styles have evolved.  Try a few different styles on to find the one that will not over power your frame.

#5  Organic Draping... Simple Fabrics!  This style especially is becoming more popular with the natural or "green" movement.  Light, featherweight fabrics are being artfully designed to fall in a sort of unstructured shape.  This style is a definite new approach to the lighter-than-air look.  This gown is not for everyone.  Find a wide selection of these gowns, so you can find the perfect fit.

We have the perfect dress for you... if you haven't found a dress yet or need to accessorize it, we are here to help!!

Please check us out on

These ideas and more from Brides Magazine..

Please comment or email to with questions..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Engagement Gifts....

Your first engagement gift is likely to be your ring although a ring isn't necessary to be engaged.  Diamonds remain the stone of choice for most brides to be, but other precious and semiprecious stones are considered appropriate. 

When the budget is limited, many brides forgo an engagement ring and choose instead a wedding ring that may be plain or elaborate.  Some couples choose a ring that will serve as both the engagement and the wedding ring.

Engagement rings don't have to be new either.  The groom to be may choose to honor his bride with a family heirloom ring or have family stones reset into a style of the bride's choosing.

An old custom that is being revived is giving the groom an engagement gift.  It certainly is not necessary but many brides are choosing to give their groom a personal gift like a special watch, a signet ring or leather edition of a favorite book.

In addition to your ring- or in place of it - your finance may give you a gift of your choice.  It is usually something personal like earrings, pearls, jewelry case, rather than practical like clothes, a car or money.

Gifts from family and friends are not expected at engagements, although persons very close to the couple may choose to surprise them with household or trousseau items.  Whatever you get, be sure to respond promptly and in writing even if you said thank you in person when you opened the gift.

The engagement is like opening day of a very special and festive season.  For more ideas, please talk with one of our experienced consultants.  Or please email any questions!

Perfect Weddings

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

This is the month to break out the spring blooms, think pretty pink hues!!

1 color, 3 ways!

First Blush!  The "IT" shade of 2011?  Rosy pink.  Here are three ways to handle this hot hue on your big day!

Sleek Loft!  Rosy Pink//Gray- a great pink for any streamlined space, this chic pair has a sophisticated but playful vibe that's perfect for a p.m. party!

Golf Club!  Rosy Pink//Lime- The classic prepster combo gets an update with punchier shades of pink and green.  Outdoor brunch reception, anyone?!

Tropical Villa!  Rosy Pink//Orange-  These intense, festive tones make a powerful statement.  Bring them out to play at a bash in the Caribbean islands or at a sexy nightclub!

This and more ideas From "Brides" Magazine!

Perfect Weddings
(740) 654-4696

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Questions for the Florist....

One to the most important professionals you will engage to provide services at your wedding is the florist.  As you begin to make service provider selections, we suggest that you consider asking prospective florists about the following areas.  Their answers will help you to decide on which professional will best suit your tastes and needs.

Ask about their design credentials.  Ask about the experience level of those who will be designing and creating your bouquets and decorations.  Have the received recognition in any design competitions or been recognized for excellence by any of the professional organizations in the industry?

Ask to see the work rooms as well as the show rooms.  You want to make sure that they have enough room to handle your wedding on top of other floral work, especially during the busy season.

Ask how they process/handle flowers when they arrive from the grower or supplier.  Do they control water pH levels, add nutrients and/or antibacterial agents to the water to feed and protect the flowers?

Ask to see the cooler space.  You want to make sure your florist has enough cooler space to handle and store you completed wedding flowers.  Is the temperature in the cooler monitored closely?  Are there backup coolers in case of a breakdown?

Ask about their delivery system.  Make sure the delivery vehicles are clean and well organized so that your flowers can be delivered without damage.  Is there adequate back up transportation?  Are the delivery people aware of all the requirements for delivery and set up preferred by area churches?

Make your appointment to interview florists well in advance of need.  Depending on the area of the country, the time of the year and the size of your wedding, you may wish to begin the selection process and lock in your preferred professional florist of you big day well in advance.  Some brides book the date six months in advance and then schedule another appointment closer to the date to begin the specific floral selections.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about florists.

Perfect Weddings

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

APRIL is the month when spring blows in. All hail the season's new zingy hue chartreuse!

1 color-4 ways!

Choose Chartreuse! This year's go-to-greeen proves that near-neon can megachic.  Here's how to work it:

Cool Castle- Chartreuse//Purple!  A plummy partner gives a vibrant color some regal bearing-just the ticket for updating a landmark estate or historic mansion!

Mountaintop- Chartruese//Brown!  Throwing an outdoor celebration? Whether you're partying on a farm or deep in a forest, this combo feels earthy and modern!

Grand Ballroom- Chartruese//Silver! A metallic sets an elegant tone in a formal spot like a ballroom or univeristy club; adding chartruese keeps the look fun and fresh!

Sexy Cabana- Chartruese//Teal!  It's an unwritten rule that surfside vows need a bit of blue! Lately, the most stylish beach hotels have been decorating with the delish duo!

These color sceems brought to you by Brides Maganize!

Perfect Weddings, we know brides!

Please email any questions, and please comment!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

The new trend for weddings in 2011 is being different.  Putting that special flare into your wedding to make it unique and memorable.  So we have found 5 ideas to make that wedding statement!

5 ways to make a statement....

1. Mr. "&" Mrs!  Announce your new status with a simple lit-up ampersand.  It can be used as a wacky photo booth prop too!

2. Totally Tubular! A honeycomb of cardboard tubes topped with cursive cutouts makes for a striking welcome sign!

3. Board Basics! Show guests the way with a wooden slab popped into a white-washed frame!

4. Love Letters! Cover playing cards with your initials and pin them to a clothesline.  Leave a few extra cards out (the full alphabet), so guests can write new messages throughout the night.

5. Hot Wheels! Temporary decals can turn your car into a wedding love mobile!

These ideas and more presented to you by "The Knot".
Perfect Weddings is a 2010 pick by"The Knot"!

Please email or comment with any questions!

Perfect Weddings

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Green is in! Green is quickly becoming not just a trend but a way of life.  Here are 12 simple green wedding ideas to incorporate on your wedding day.

12 Green Wedding Ideas!....

1. Use potted plants as centerpieces that double as favors!

2. Use the same floral arrangement at the ceremony and reception!

3. Nix the rice throwing, throw birdseed instead!

4. Select sustainably grown flowers for your floral arrangements!

5. Select a caterer who prioritizes locally grown produce!

6.  Donate leftover food rather than throwing it out!

7. Choose bridesmaids gowns that can be worn again!

8. Choose recycled gold wedding bands!

9. Buy Eco-friendly, customized gowns made of natural silk and cotton!

10. Send save-the-dates and directions via email or post them on your wedding website!

11. Set up carpools or arrange group transportation options if ceremony and reception are in  
     separate locations!

12. Purchase a CD of your photos from your photographer and let your family and friends view them 
     electronically rather than from hard copies!

Let's go green!! For more ideas and others see Perfect Wedding Guide! 

Perfect Weddings is a featured Bridal Boutique in the Perfect Wedding Guide!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Notes!!


In the rush and urgency of wedding planning, many brides baulk at the prospect of completing a gift registry form.  It seems somehow to be awkward for many of them.  It feels wrong somehow to list all the things one "wants" on a list for others.  However, it would help if the bride looked at her time making "couple" appropriate gift selections as a service to her guests.  Wedding guests are going to bring or send a gift.  It will be so much easier if they were to know that what they selected matched the couple's preference.

What is likely to happen to most brides is that they will receive a portion of their registry preferences.  They may end up with pieces and parts of the china or crystal or silverware choices they made.  We urge them NOT to tuck gifts away awaiting the items that fill out the place settings for china or silver or crystal or all three.  Use your gifts and use them frequently!  So you don't currently have enough matching china, crystal or silver for a dinner party for six.  IMPROVISE!!

Take the items you have and create a memorable evening for guests- friends or family.  We support the concept of "What If?"  Use what you have to create an evening to remember!

Sooo..What if you:
Used a vegetable bowl to grow spring bulbs?
Used an eggcup for candlesticks?
Served juice in champagne glasses?
Used large wine glasses for desserts?
Iced champagne in a souffle dish?
Served parfaits in brandy sniffers?
Floated flowers in a goblet?
Filled dessert sherbets with nuts or mints?
Put fancy soaps in a fruit saucer in your bathroom?

Hmmm... What would happen if you used items for different functions? Nothing but applause and excitement for your creativity!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Five genius guest book ideas...

2011 is about personalizing your wedding. Most brides ask "What can I do to make my Wedding stand out?" Here are 5 ideas from "The Knot" on individualizing your guest book.

1. Mail Call-  Leave out vintage postcards (of your wedding site or honeymoon destination) for your guests to write on and "mail".

2. Tree Love- Cut a cross section from a thick log, paint the middle and let guests "carve" a heartfelt message.

3. Just Your Type- Set up a Mad Men-esque typewriter and a sign instructing guests to click away.  Then organize all the notes in a binder.

4. Word Play- Bring out the kid in everyone with a stack of customized Mad Libs.

5. Cuddly Keepsake-  Ask Grandma to sew a special quilt and leave out fabric pens for guests.  Hang your new personalized blanket on the wall at home as a tapestry.

Perfect Weddings was named a 2010 pick by The Knot for "Best In Weddings" voted by local brides!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Thoughts on Wedding Etiquette....

We know that nothing stays the same, not even wedding etiquette.  With friends and families scattered across the continents, a number of beautiful and time-honored marriage "rules" have had to adapt to a new society

Today, a busy guest is more likely to fill in a pre-printed response card than to send a hand written response card to a wedding invitation.  Members of the wedding party are apt to find details of the rehearsal dinner posted on the wedding website or sent directly to their email.

Does this mean that traditional etiquette is as out dated as the eight-track tape?  Definitely not!  This is especially true if the wedding is a formal affair.  A church ceremony, black tie reception and 200 guests still demands that attention be paid to protocol.  Our experienced consultants can be your best resource for doing the "right" thing.

What has not changed is that whatever rules the bride chooses to follow will be largely a matter of good sense, courtesy and practicality.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Serving the Bride...

Because you seek a special look...because you want a unique wedding.. or because your taste is upscale, we invite you to let us help you find the wedding gown of your dreams.  We have been dressing brides beautifully for many years.

We are also a leader in service! Our trained consultants will offer advice and direction.  Dressing you beautifully, answering your questions and giving you guidance and confidence is our consultants motto!

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