Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Its Summer! With the sun shining, sunny colors rule!  So, Hellooo Yellow!

1 color-3 ways

Lemon! This vivid hue evokes images of summer days and sidewalk stands.  It also brings the happy to any occasion

Lemon/Rose- Make a strong statement with this bold, modern color combination.  Its a standout choice for a reception in an all-white loft space.

Lemon/Khaki-  Want to go rustic bur so over beige-on beige?  Pair a beaming bright with a natty neutral and you have a mix that's perfect for a countrified party.

Lemon/Lime-  This cheery twosome would be supercute at a preppy lawn ceremony.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Bridal attire has gone from safe to sensational.  Here are the Five high-fashion trends that are leading the push into the next generation of bridal fashion.

#1 Belts... Cool cinchers give formal gowns a hip, ready-to-wear feel.  Belts can also be a great way to personalize your look!  Also a definite style plus, is that it can give you an instant hour-glass shape.  Choose a belt that works well with the fabric of your gown.

#2  3-D Flowers.... Viva volume! Giant fabric flowers are creating beautiful additions and dimensions to the ball gown.  These flowers update even the most classic silhouettes with modern texture. Each gown has it own distinct design, try a few on to find the perfect fit for your figure.

#3  Vibrant Shoes.... OMG! This is the trend everyone is loving... Why not a color?  Why not a shoe that you can rock again?  This is definitely a fun trend that is breaking all the "white" barriers.  Wearing a stand out shoe puts your own personal stamp of style on your gown.  This definitely is where a bride can have some fun, most popular idea has been the wedding color that your bridesmaids will be wearing.

#4  One-Shoulder Asymmetry... Uber-glam stamp on the white dress!  Long favored in the fashion industry, the asymmetry strap definitely adds a Hollywood-chic look to a dress. The one-shoulder creates a more dramatic flare, giving into the more modern approach to the "white" dress.  Many styles have evolved.  Try a few different styles on to find the one that will not over power your frame.

#5  Organic Draping... Simple Fabrics!  This style especially is becoming more popular with the natural or "green" movement.  Light, featherweight fabrics are being artfully designed to fall in a sort of unstructured shape.  This style is a definite new approach to the lighter-than-air look.  This gown is not for everyone.  Find a wide selection of these gowns, so you can find the perfect fit.

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