Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

August brings the heat but with that heat comes berry pretty colors.  Including soft sunshiny blooms, and the perfect excuse to serve ice cream at your I do's. 

1 color, 3 ways...

Raspberry! Dramatic, modern, and romantic.  This luscious hue is our pick to beautify a warm-weather wedding.

Raspberry//Orange-Dreaming of daiquiris and tropical fruit?  These happy hues scream "seaside holiday".  So break them out for a beach-villa celebration.

Raspberry//Leaf Green-Sophisticated but earth, this duo is a natural choice for a venue with bucolic views of gently rolling hills-vineyard or farmstead perchance?

Raspberry//Silver-Up the formal factor by pairing passionate pink with a sleek, chic metallic.  It's just the luxe look you want in an art museum or loft.

All these ideas and more from "Brides" magazine and Perfect Weddings!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Plan for Happy Guest...

Yes, it is true- there wouldn't be a wedding without you.  However, your goal besides being the center of attention is to host a party that guests will remember fondly because they were treated so well.  Over the years we have collected ideas from our brides about what they did that made their guests happy at their wedding.  We'd be delighted to share them with you.

Some of our bride's secrets to happy guests:

When you create a gift registry at your favorite stores, be sure to include items that will fit everyone's budget.

When you select your reception food, keep in mind that a number of foods are universally disliked.  Foods like hot chili peppers, liver, Brussels sprouts etc. may be your own personal favorites, but if you serve them there will be lots left.

Pick centerpieces that are lovely and unique but not so big that people can't see across the table.

Arrange pre and post reception transportation for those guests who can't or don't want to drive.

Work hard to personally greet every guest at the ceremony or reception.  It means a lot.

Don't forget to feed your photographer and musicians.  Sandwiches are fine.

Limit the break between the ceremony and the reception to no more than one hour.

Have the band or DJ play a wide range of music so that everyone can dance at least some of the time.  Some "golden oldies" so that your parents and their friends can take to the floor are a nice touch.

Consider integrating your single friends into table groups with people who share the same interests.  A table of all singles isn't the best arrangement.

Remember to be the host with the most!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Wedding Planning Tips...

The Reception

Because the reception is usually the single largest expense in any wedding, lots has been written about it. Much of the lore of receptions represents an historical or traditional flavor.  But times have changed.  The economy is different.  The bride and groom are different and the focus on the reception as the celebratory segment of a wedding event has changed somewhat.

One assumes that the commitment to another person inherent in the engagement process, is binding.  However, like the Crystal Harris plan to marry Hugh Hefner, it is always subject to change.  Crystal canceled her wedding plans two days before the event.  One can only assume that there were sufficient funds available to cover lost deposits and to issue guest list wide notes of cancellation.  But assuming that the wedding and reception went on as planned, these modern notes of advice would have been well received.

1. Leave the reception before the guests.  It used to be the "rule".  The wedding couple changed into their "traveling clothes" and left the reception to begin their honeymoon.  Today's couples have challenged that tradition and are frequently the last to leave the reception.  In some cases, it becomes a waiting game.  No one is sure who should leave when, so no one does.  One can speculate about the reason for this need to be the last to leave the party, but it can prove awkward.  Be gracious and leave before your guests begin to nod off at their tables.  It was a super party, but someone has to leave.

2. Whatever your budget for the reception, DO IT WELL!  If you don't have the money for a sit down dinner, switch to a buffet.  Don't skimp.  Do what you can afford to do beautifully. Switch days, switch times, switch venues-do whatever gives you the most beautiful ceremony and reception within your budget.  Don't try to reach a level that you cannot afford. Skimping always shows.

3. Let you focus at the reception be on your guests.  This is a huge party/celebration you are hosting.  And hosting means that the focus is on the guests.  The first rule of entertaining guests is to consider their time and attention.  That means: cut down the time between the ceremony and the reception.  Don't make them wait several hours between events.  If the lag time is two hours, that is too much.  Also, work hard to have the venues for the reception and the ceremony close together.  Be considerate of your guests and don't make them drive an hour or more to get from one event to another.

4. Cut down the guest list.  You don't need to have the area's largest reception.  Invite only those people who matter to you both.  Surveys have shown that after several years, couples look at their wedding photos and are amazed by the number of guests that they cannot name.  To a person, those couples regret having invited people who really don't matter to their important event.

5. If you have changed your mind and don't want to go through with the wedding, cancel it earlier rather than later.  Don't pull as Crystal Harris and cancel the wedding to Hugh Hefner two days before the event.  Remember the focus on the others.  The bride isn't the only star of the day.  The groom is a significant player as well.  If you two have doubts, work them out or agree to disagree and be gracious hosts.

For advice on other issues that can complicate a wedding, see one of our experienced consultants who have seen it all at least once.  Then can be your best source for answers.  Please feel free to email any questions.