Friday, February 24, 2012

It's All About THE DRESS!

Most women have some insecurities or image issues with their arms.  Some are not comfortable  enough to go sleeveless or strapless, here are some pointers to help accentuate any arm type!

Thin Arms:
-If you want to make your arms appear larger, try covering them with a sleeve!
-If a sleeve can't be added to your gown, try a bolero, jacket, or shrug!
-Try on an elgant pair of long gloves!
-Wear a coordinating wrap or stole!
-Avoid chunky bracelets, which will make your arms look skinnier!

Average Arms:
-You're in luck and can wear most anything to look great!

Full Arms:
-If you cover your arms, try a sleeve made of a light or sheer fabric that doesn't add bulk!
-Wear a sheer lace sleeve!
-Go Strapless! Bare arms can blend in with a bare neckline and call less attention to their size!
-Consider wearing a cap sleeve!
-Wear a tip-of-the-shoulder (where the gown meets the top of the arm)gown.  Even though it will give a very small amount of covering, it may look flattering!
-Avoid wearing sleeves that are too tight!  Your arms will look like they've been stuffed into them, yuck!
-Don't wear sleeves in a heavy fabric, this will only add bulk!
-No Halters! This will draw attention to your arms!

Make an appointment or stop in to Perfect Weddings and we can help you find the perfect gown! Stay tuned for more tips and tibits on finding the perfect gown!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Disney 2012 Trunk Show!!

The New Disney Collection is coming to Perfect Weddings for three days only!

February 10, 11, and 12. 2012

This special collection has all new 2012 Disney Princess gowns!  Each new and different!

Please call or go online to make an appointment to experience this new collection!!

Now matching veils and matching jewelry available to fully complete your favorite princess look!

Perfect Weddings!