Monday, April 23, 2012

It's ALL about THE DRESS!!

It's all about the dress!

The Bust

Your bust is an important part of the gown.  Since its close to your face it should be a factor when deciding on the neckline of your gown.  Its important too that your bust be relatively equal to your hips in proportion.  Here are some quick tips for Small and Large bust lines.

Small Busts:

-Sweetheart necklines can add some curves to your bust.

-Try on a gown that has ruching or embellishments across the bust to help accent a smaller bust line.

-Vertical pleating or ruching can help add fullness to a small bust.

-Padded bra cups (our #1 pick) can help add to your bust line creating fullness and roundness, oh and give a little lift.

-With a small bust you can wear a plunging or V-neckline.

-Try wearing a Halter neckline to accentuate cleavage.

-A more fashion-forward option is the bikini top.  This is a neckline that has a knot in the middle with the option of a small spaghetti strap.

-An Empire waist can also help accentuate a smaller bust.

Larger Busts:

-A slight dip in a bust line of the gown can soften a larger bust line. (if you gown does not have this dip, you have it adjusted in alterations)

-An A-line is great for balancing out a larger bust and a hip line. 

-Sometimes more coverage is needed, a tip-of-the-shoulder neckline can do that.

-A big NO-NO can be a straight across neckline.  This can make your bust look bigger and make your shoulders appear broader.

-Try and Avoid Halter necklines.

-Deep sweethearts may not be a good choice, they can make your bust look too round and show too much cleavage.

-Be careful with sheath gowns, they can give the illusion of you being top heavy.

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