Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Guide!!

What to put in the Florist's Contract?!

If you florist doesn't have a standard contract, you can use these guidelines.

-The contract person's name, address, and phone number at every delivery location (don't forget to backup rain venues, too.)

- A description of every floral arrangement (including flowers that might be substituted), and the total cost, your deposit amount, and the balance-due date.

- The designated time when the florist will arrive at the site.

- The name of the floral designer who will work on your order.

- The services provided (setups, deliveries, breakdowns).

- An explanation of the cancellation policy, including how much, if any, of the deposit is refundable.

- The cutoff date for making changes to the order.

- All rental items, and who is responsible for returning them.

- What flowers, if any, are needed to decorate the wedding cake.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Checklist!!

Here is a quick checklist of what to bring when first meeting with your florist. 

-Photos of table arrangements and place settings that inspire you.

-A photo or sketch of your dress and the bridesmaids' dresses.

-Fabric swatches of the dresses and if available a fabric swatch of the table linens.

-Paint-chip cards that convey your wedding colors.

-A photo of your wedding venue and reception room.

-A list of the areas you're hoping to decorate (get as specific as possible).

-A list of the recipients of personal flowers, include full names and wedding roles.

With this checklist you meeting with the florist will be as easy as 1..2..3..!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Guide!!

Pruning Your Budget!
No matter what your budget, almost every bride goes into sticker shock when she see the estimate from the florist.  But be prepared and check out these tips for smart savings on your blooms!

Tip #1 Downsize your containers- If your set on having pricey flowers like peonies or garden roses, you can save big by putting them in smaller vases.  Check out the picture!  Added bonus, a smaller vase puts the focus on the flowers.

Tip #2 Go for the Greens- For a cost friendly choice check out ferns, ivy and eucalyptus.  These can offer serious value but still create a show stopping centerpiece!  Typically you can save half the cost of a typical floral arrangement by using greens.

Tip #3 Think Creatively- Don't get attached to the idea of the traditional "must-have" centerpieces.  Think outside the box for an alternative that will be cost effective but fresh and lovely.  Perfect example of this is floating gerbera daisy heads in a low clear bowl filled with water.  Not only can you get any color you want in the daisies but they will last for hours!

Tip #4 Spend Smartly- If you have a limited budget, focus on what areas are really going to be getting the most attention.  For example, put beautiful arrangements on the dinner tables but leave off the list the seating-card table or the bathroom! 

Tip #5 Limit Varieties- More is not necessarily better in the floral world.  When you order a centerpiece with a lot of different flowers your florist has to buy more flowers then she needs.  For example, roses come in large bunches even if your only using a few you'll pay for the whole bunch!  Best scenario look for a flower that's large enough to look great in your centerpiece without having to add all the added ones.  Check out the picture above.

Tip #6 Go Short- Tall centerpieces require three to four times the amount of flowers than a smaller arrangement does.  A big impact can be made with a smaller arrangement.  You can mass together one type of flower and get a total "wow" effect.  Check out the picture above!

All month long its all about the flowers.  For these ideas and more.. Perfect Weddings and Brides!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bridal Blowout Sale!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Wedding Floral Guide!

Perfect Weddings is dedicating this month to everything flowers for your wedding. 

This week is all about centerpieces.  A good florist does more then bundle flowers together, they can make your theme or idea for you wedding come to life with flowers.

Here are ideas for 6 centerpieces that center around the more popular wedding themes! 

1. Old Hollywood Glamour- If your planning on jumping back to age of black and white movies this arrangement would be perfect.  This attention grabbing display will be best with black calla lilies, stephanotises, and gardenias.  Set all these in a black, metallic edged urn to complete the look.  The perfect urn can be found on

2. Woodland Chic-The outside comes inside with this elegant display.  Use three different types of ferns (umbrella, leather, and koala) with accents of dahlia buds and disanthus to create this look.  The perfect accent for this display is a softly textured urn similar to the forest floor.  Check out for the perfect copper-plated urn.

3. Formal Garden-The traditional setting deserves a stately arrangement.  This theme is best portrayed by suing a silver urn with a mix of bushy white blooms.  Our favorite blooms were sweet peas, baby's breath, ranunculcu, and scabiosas.  This stately arrangement will have a beautiful and timeless appeal.  The perfect silver container can be found at

4. Sexy Fiesta- This bold theme deserves some hot colors.  The perfect base for this floral display is an iridescent glass pitcher.  This will a soft, subtle way to introduce this bold theme.  Now to punch up the fun for this arrangement add "double" gerbera daisies in a vivid palette of pinks, reds, and oranges.  A bold pitcher to completely this display can be found at

5. Country Charm-The simple, fun elegance of a rural landscape is displayed in this floral ensemble.  The perfect collection of flowers for this is snapdragons, tulips, and lisianthus in soft yellows and white.  A clean curved white vase would accent this arrangement the best.  This will add flair without overwhelming the flowers.  We recommend the reef vase from

6. Pool Party- Hosting a poolside party??  We thought hydrangeas, cornflowers, and tweedia in cool blues and purples would echo the colors of the water.  A coordinating blue glass vase will make this arrangement elegant but still fun.  The best container for this arrangement can be found at

Questions???  Comments???  All these ideas and more from Perfect Weddings and Brides Magazine!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twilight Bridal Coming Soon to Perfect Weddings!!

We are so excited to announce that soon we will be receiving the Twilight bridal gown from the movie Breaking Dawn-Part 1.  The gown will be a replica of the wedding dress worn by Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn-Part 1.  It will be priced in line with the Alfred Angelo's popular bridal collection, and available in sizes 0 to 30W to fit every Twilight bride.

Since the Twilight Saga began, Twilight fans have been imagining Bella's bridal gown.  If you search the web you will find fans worldwide describing their vision of "The Dress".  The question remains...just what will Bella wear?

What we do know is that her dress has been designed by the iconic Carolina Herrera.  The Dress will be unveiled in late November 2011 following the release of the movie.  It will be available to Perfect Wedding customers in late November or early December.  We cannot wait!!