Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wedding Notes Exclusive: Summer Sale Extended

Brides, Hurry in we are extending the bridal sale for one more week!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Notes: Bridesmaids!

Hello Brides! Well its sure has been an interesting few days.  We hope everyone is safe and has power.  We are currently still half-way in the dark, but we are open and carrying on.  Today when I was standing in the dark next to our bridesmaids dresses, it got me thinking.... Why are most bridesmaids in the dark when it comes to weddings?

So Brides my insightful bit info today is ..take control of your bridesmaids. 

When you are ask your friends, cousins, sisters to be a bridesmaids they should be aware they have several responsibilities.  The first and one of the most important is being flexible about what color the dresses will be and what dress is actually chosen.  As a Bride, you should be understandable but if you have a vision of what you would like your girls to wear then by all means they should be opening to wearing that attire.  What I don't understand is the one bridesmaid who stands there and complains, "I don't do short dresses" or " Are you sure you like that color?"  Who's day is it anyways?!

Brides Be Brave!! Stand up and say "YES I like that color, YES that is the dress!"  By no means am I saying you should be come the dreaded "Bridezilla", but please stand up and take control of those bridesmaids.  Be firm but gentle. 

As a Bride this is your special day, your bridesmaids should be understanding of that and support you even in the most ugliest dress that they have ever put on! ;)

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Liz @ Perfect Weddings