Friday, August 29, 2014

Wedding Notes: Hints from Planners Part 1

The professional wedding planners exchange ideas and are an excellent resource to tap.  Here is some key ideas from Stephanie Johnson,
1. Establishing the budget and guest list can be two of the most difficult parts of planning, but the sooner you get those tasks handled the better.  Booking venues and vendors before you have your budget and guest count settled is just asking for unnecessary stress.
2. What makes details truly over-the-top is doing something just a little unique or unexpected.  I had one of my couples surprise guests with a gospel choir at the end of their ceremony.  Another couple set up a make-your-own champagne cocktail bar.  The secret to including these kinds of wow-worthy experience without blowing the budget is to pick just a single aspect and go all out with it.
3.  Set realistic DIY goals.  Pick one or two significant details that are relatively simple to execute, and plan a crafts day with friends and bridesmaids.

This is 4 part series.  Look for part 2 with more helpful hints from wedding planner Sarah Trotter from

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