Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Engagement Gifts....

Your first engagement gift is likely to be your ring although a ring isn't necessary to be engaged.  Diamonds remain the stone of choice for most brides to be, but other precious and semiprecious stones are considered appropriate. 

When the budget is limited, many brides forgo an engagement ring and choose instead a wedding ring that may be plain or elaborate.  Some couples choose a ring that will serve as both the engagement and the wedding ring.

Engagement rings don't have to be new either.  The groom to be may choose to honor his bride with a family heirloom ring or have family stones reset into a style of the bride's choosing.

An old custom that is being revived is giving the groom an engagement gift.  It certainly is not necessary but many brides are choosing to give their groom a personal gift like a special watch, a signet ring or leather edition of a favorite book.

In addition to your ring- or in place of it - your finance may give you a gift of your choice.  It is usually something personal like earrings, pearls, jewelry case, rather than practical like clothes, a car or money.

Gifts from family and friends are not expected at engagements, although persons very close to the couple may choose to surprise them with household or trousseau items.  Whatever you get, be sure to respond promptly and in writing even if you said thank you in person when you opened the gift.

The engagement is like opening day of a very special and festive season.  For more ideas, please talk with one of our experienced consultants.  Or please email any questions!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

This is the month to break out the spring blooms, think pretty pink hues!!

1 color, 3 ways!

First Blush!  The "IT" shade of 2011?  Rosy pink.  Here are three ways to handle this hot hue on your big day!

Sleek Loft!  Rosy Pink//Gray- a great pink for any streamlined space, this chic pair has a sophisticated but playful vibe that's perfect for a p.m. party!

Golf Club!  Rosy Pink//Lime- The classic prepster combo gets an update with punchier shades of pink and green.  Outdoor brunch reception, anyone?!

Tropical Villa!  Rosy Pink//Orange-  These intense, festive tones make a powerful statement.  Bring them out to play at a bash in the Caribbean islands or at a sexy nightclub!

This and more ideas From "Brides" Magazine!

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