Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

Questions for the Florist....

One to the most important professionals you will engage to provide services at your wedding is the florist.  As you begin to make service provider selections, we suggest that you consider asking prospective florists about the following areas.  Their answers will help you to decide on which professional will best suit your tastes and needs.

Ask about their design credentials.  Ask about the experience level of those who will be designing and creating your bouquets and decorations.  Have the received recognition in any design competitions or been recognized for excellence by any of the professional organizations in the industry?

Ask to see the work rooms as well as the show rooms.  You want to make sure that they have enough room to handle your wedding on top of other floral work, especially during the busy season.

Ask how they process/handle flowers when they arrive from the grower or supplier.  Do they control water pH levels, add nutrients and/or antibacterial agents to the water to feed and protect the flowers?

Ask to see the cooler space.  You want to make sure your florist has enough cooler space to handle and store you completed wedding flowers.  Is the temperature in the cooler monitored closely?  Are there backup coolers in case of a breakdown?

Ask about their delivery system.  Make sure the delivery vehicles are clean and well organized so that your flowers can be delivered without damage.  Is there adequate back up transportation?  Are the delivery people aware of all the requirements for delivery and set up preferred by area churches?

Make your appointment to interview florists well in advance of need.  Depending on the area of the country, the time of the year and the size of your wedding, you may wish to begin the selection process and lock in your preferred professional florist of you big day well in advance.  Some brides book the date six months in advance and then schedule another appointment closer to the date to begin the specific floral selections.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about florists.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

APRIL is the month when spring blows in. All hail the season's new zingy hue chartreuse!

1 color-4 ways!

Choose Chartreuse! This year's go-to-greeen proves that near-neon can megachic.  Here's how to work it:

Cool Castle- Chartreuse//Purple!  A plummy partner gives a vibrant color some regal bearing-just the ticket for updating a landmark estate or historic mansion!

Mountaintop- Chartruese//Brown!  Throwing an outdoor celebration? Whether you're partying on a farm or deep in a forest, this combo feels earthy and modern!

Grand Ballroom- Chartruese//Silver! A metallic sets an elegant tone in a formal spot like a ballroom or univeristy club; adding chartruese keeps the look fun and fresh!

Sexy Cabana- Chartruese//Teal!  It's an unwritten rule that surfside vows need a bit of blue! Lately, the most stylish beach hotels have been decorating with the delish duo!

These color sceems brought to you by Brides Maganize!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Notes!!

The new trend for weddings in 2011 is being different.  Putting that special flare into your wedding to make it unique and memorable.  So we have found 5 ideas to make that wedding statement!

5 ways to make a statement....

1. Mr. "&" Mrs!  Announce your new status with a simple lit-up ampersand.  It can be used as a wacky photo booth prop too!

2. Totally Tubular! A honeycomb of cardboard tubes topped with cursive cutouts makes for a striking welcome sign!

3. Board Basics! Show guests the way with a wooden slab popped into a white-washed frame!

4. Love Letters! Cover playing cards with your initials and pin them to a clothesline.  Leave a few extra cards out (the full alphabet), so guests can write new messages throughout the night.

5. Hot Wheels! Temporary decals can turn your car into a wedding love mobile!

These ideas and more presented to you by "The Knot".
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