Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding Notes: Children and Weddings

If children are to be included in your wedding party-as ring bearers, flower girls, junior attendants or servers, they will add a special touch to the ceremony.  They will also find the reception fun and maybe, a bit intimidating.

Only you will know how involved you'd like the children to be in the reception itself, but if it will be a long one with a wedding dance, you may wish to consider a "mini" reception for the children of the wedding party and of guests.

Children of the wedding party may precede the bride and groom into the reception and if old enough, introduce the couple to the guests.  Some couples have outgoing junior attendants help to seat guests at the reception.

Consider having a separate bar set up at the reception for children.  Provide juice, water; punch or soda.  Many receptions also include a special menu for children with tried and true favorites.
For wedding celebrations with many children in attendance, most couples arrange for the children to spend some time at the reception, but then adjourn to a special children's reception where there may be movies, TV or special entertainment.  Hire sitters or young adults to supervise the room.  Before they leave the reception, arrange to have a couple of songs popular with the young so they may dance if they wish to before they leave.

Consider providing each child with a special lunch box or backpack filled with games, coloring books and toys to keep them occupied while their parents are at the reception.  The kids will have a better time AND so will their parents, if special arrangements have been made for a kid friendly reception.

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