Friday, August 29, 2014

Wedding Notes: Hints from Planners Part 1

The professional wedding planners exchange ideas and are an excellent resource to tap.  Here is some key ideas from Stephanie Johnson,
1. Establishing the budget and guest list can be two of the most difficult parts of planning, but the sooner you get those tasks handled the better.  Booking venues and vendors before you have your budget and guest count settled is just asking for unnecessary stress.
2. What makes details truly over-the-top is doing something just a little unique or unexpected.  I had one of my couples surprise guests with a gospel choir at the end of their ceremony.  Another couple set up a make-your-own champagne cocktail bar.  The secret to including these kinds of wow-worthy experience without blowing the budget is to pick just a single aspect and go all out with it.
3.  Set realistic DIY goals.  Pick one or two significant details that are relatively simple to execute, and plan a crafts day with friends and bridesmaids.

This is 4 part series.  Look for part 2 with more helpful hints from wedding planner Sarah Trotter from

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wedding Notes: Ideas From Brides

Here are some ideas from brides and grooms who were searching for ways to make their day more special, more unique, and more fun.
1.  Make a special keepsake of your wedding invitation by mailing one to yourself.  Don't open it.  Keep it in your wedding guest book and save if for future generations to open.
2.  Ask all relatives and friends to write a favorite recipe on the back of their response card.  Keep them in a special place throughout your married life.
3.  If you plan to "throw the garter" at the reception, wear two.  Throw one and keep one in your memory box.
For more ideas on how to make your wedding more "yours', email us at  Our trained consultants have lots of ideas!
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding Notes: Children and Weddings

If children are to be included in your wedding party-as ring bearers, flower girls, junior attendants or servers, they will add a special touch to the ceremony.  They will also find the reception fun and maybe, a bit intimidating.

Only you will know how involved you'd like the children to be in the reception itself, but if it will be a long one with a wedding dance, you may wish to consider a "mini" reception for the children of the wedding party and of guests.

Children of the wedding party may precede the bride and groom into the reception and if old enough, introduce the couple to the guests.  Some couples have outgoing junior attendants help to seat guests at the reception.

Consider having a separate bar set up at the reception for children.  Provide juice, water; punch or soda.  Many receptions also include a special menu for children with tried and true favorites.
For wedding celebrations with many children in attendance, most couples arrange for the children to spend some time at the reception, but then adjourn to a special children's reception where there may be movies, TV or special entertainment.  Hire sitters or young adults to supervise the room.  Before they leave the reception, arrange to have a couple of songs popular with the young so they may dance if they wish to before they leave.

Consider providing each child with a special lunch box or backpack filled with games, coloring books and toys to keep them occupied while their parents are at the reception.  The kids will have a better time AND so will their parents, if special arrangements have been made for a kid friendly reception.

For these ideas and more call or email us at Perfect Weddings

Friday, May 30, 2014

Wedding Notes (Tips for Brides): Invisible Budgeting

We hear brides say how much they want a big wedding, but it is hard to do on a small budget.  We are happy to tell them that with careful planning and some creativity, it can be done.  A budgeted wedding does not have to mean cheap.  Let us show you how to have a lovely wedding on your budget.
  • Consider invitations that are on quality paper but are not genuine engraving.
  • Have the wedding dress of your dreams within you price range.  We can help you find exactly what you want!
  • For decor drama in the church or reception area, consider using rental greens in place of large floral arrangements.  The greenery adds an elegant touch and provides a perfect background for flowers added to set or reflect your color scheme.  Be sure that you choose flowers grown locally and in season.
  • While a band for dancing may be you first choice, know that a good DJ can provide music and entertainment for far less than a band.
  • Disposable cameras on the tables can cut back on a photographer's bill, but you will still want a professional at the helm to insure that the critical photographs you will keep for a lifetime are beautifully done.
  • Consider having an hors d'oevers/cocktail reception rather than a sit down dinner.  In addition to being less expensive (depending on how much and what you decide to serve) it keeps the party moving as guests nibble and move among tables.
Call 740.654.4696 or email us for more ways to the wedding you want without going over your budget!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prom Notes


Wow, April is flying by! With that being said, proms are just as quickly approaching. Because prom is such a monumental event in your high school life, it's imperative that you have not only the night of your dreams, but the dress as well! As special as this event is, even more endearing is the gown you will be wearing. If you haven't found it yet, hurry in and shop with us for your perfect prom gown!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wedding Notes: Sample Sale

Calling All Bride!
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Be Bold

"BAM!" The little girl looked up from her seat on the couch, where her face was buried in a book. Her, favorite book, to be exact. "BAM BAM BAMMMMM!!!"  She rolled her eyes, and sighed, "Joel, what ARE you doing?" Her brother had his toy airplanes and soldiers out again. "I'm just practicing sissy," he replied.
"Practicing for what?"
"For when I'm big like Daddy."
Their father was a Navy Airman, and had recently come home from a deployment due to injury. "You know if Mommy hears you she won't be happy."
He looked at her, wide-eyed, and said "But Daddy is better than all the other daddies. Why can't I be like him?" "You can be, just- uh- I don't know. I just know every time Mommy hears you she cries." The boy, suddenly looking downcast, said "I don't like it when mommy cries." His big sister looked at him and said, "Me neither. But you know what? Ever since she got that new dress she's been happier! Remember?" Joel remembered. He remembered being bored out of his mind and playing his video game until mommy was done talking to the lady and trying on all the clothes. "Yeah, I remember sissy. Why does she have it?"
"She said she's going with Daddy to something called a Mir-a-tary Ball."
"Is like when I watch football with Daddy on TV?"
"No silly, this is where they dance all night like princes and princesses and the ladies all look pretty and the men look handsome and..."
Joel rolled his eyes. He thought his sister had a lot of dumb ideas, always talking about grown-up dresses and stuff. He'd stick with his cars, that was good enough for him.
"...and it'll be spec-tacuwar!" She sighed a dreamy sigh. "Come on let's go see if Daddy is awake Joel!" They took off running down the hallway, all thoughts of tears forgotten. They were going to ask Mommy about the Ball.

At Perfect Weddings, we have many classy, elegant gowns to satisfy the need of any formal Event. Military Balls may be a few months away, but it's never too soon to start looking! Shop with us at Perfect Weddings to find the right gown for your special night! :-)

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Dressed for Success

Spring is certainly in the air today! My car read 58 degrees on my way to the office :-) It's a beautiful time, with the glimpse of spring and the knowing that summer lies just around the corner! With the warm weather, we at Perfect Weddings know there are many events coming up in your lives. With each new occasion comes the need for a new style, a fresh look. I can tell you from personal experience, a brand new look is one of the best feelings in the world. Not just physically, but getting a brand new outlook on life is a spirit lifter! There's something about taking care of yourself that just gives a positive vibe to life. Generally on my days off, I take my sister to do "girly things". She's going through a lot right now, and something as simple as having her nails painted makes her feel like a kid at Christmas time. It's a beautiful thing to love life, and what better way to prepare for the good things ahead than to dress well? I'm a firm believer that you dress for who you are, who you believe you are, and who you will be. Whether this is subconscious or not, it's an inevitable fact of life. Take on the future dressed to your best. We hope you'll entrust us with the task of preparing you! Come in and visit us for all your special occasion needs! Whether you need a gown or the perfect pair of pearl earrings, let us help to make sure your event is absolutely unique :-) 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A New Season

Hello fellow Bloggers!

As I look out the window in front of me, I see people walking down the street, busily going to and fro to keep their neatly organized schedules in tact. The blue sky and sunshine hint at the promise of spring, making me almost forget that no more than a week ago my car was "iced" in. It's an awing process; the change of the seasons back and forth through the years. It's always something to count on, yet not predictable enough to bore humanity. For many students, this time of year brings the excitement and thrill of Prom, many for the first time; many being seniors looking to go out with a last hurrah. The months ahead bring a sense of destiny, pride, and the sense of knowing great things are ahead. However with these great things, comes a great need to dress well. Coco Chanel said "A woman should be two things, classy and fabulous!"

Prom is certainly the time to show off how fabulous not only your body is, but your soul as well. I believe our fashion is a result of our style, and our style is in direct correlation to the way we see ourselves as individuals. Your prom gown is not only an accessory to the night you shine in it, but to the YOU that shines through! So whether your personality screams a bold red, whispers a dainty, ultra-feminine pink, or calls for a blinged-out modest look, we guarantee you'll find something perfect for your special event.

Shop with us at Perfect Weddings to find the dress that represents you best! It's a new season and it's time to shine! :)

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