Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wedding Notes!

 Brides...Share your colors!

So Brides, you really need to let everyone and I mean everyone in on what color your wedding is going to be.  Most especially the mother of the groom!  I know you think you wonderful fiance is going to let her know something so simple, but not so.  Some grooms can be very color focused and know the difference between rose, tea rose and fuchsia. Sadly most do not! So if you want everyone to coordinate ( and I know you do) let your soon to be mother-in-law in on the color of the bridesmaids, flowers, the tuxes and so on.  Even more helpful can be to let her know what color you think not only looks fabulous on her but will look great with the wedding, will corrdinate with your mom and with pictures!

My reason for this first tidbit, was the MOG (mother of the groom) I had today.  Poor thing had no idea what color the wedding was, what color she should be wearing, what color the MOB was wearing!  In these types of cases we recommend a nice blender or neutral color.  That way she will look good standing next to anyone in pictures, and flowers will look great even in bright colors. My MOG came away with a beautiful soft sable color gown.  My thought though is just think what color she might have worn .... hmmm could have been scary!

So Brides, my tidbit is share those colors with everyone! Trust me it will make for a beautiful wedding!

Please feel free to send me questions and comments!

Liz @ Perfect Weddings