Friday, August 31, 2012

Wedding Notes Exclusive!!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wedding Notes Exclusive!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding Notes: Brides Beware!

Hello Brides!

I have helped numerous brides find "The Gown" with any type of budget, for all kinds of weddings.  I think budgets for brides have become more and more of a concern.  Most brides want an awesome gown, or even the gown of their dreams for a price they can afford. I understand!! And I can say with confidence there is a way to get that gown but you have to be smart!!

Just today I had a bride come in, who already has a gown, bring me a picture of a couture gown she longs to have for her wedding.  She came to ask me if it is possible for us to order this gown for her.  Sadly it was not, it is a discontinued style.  She then tells me that she has found a website that she can purchase the gown for only $400! What a deal I say to her, then I ask is it a reputable site??

We look at the site together and I help her determine this is not a good idea!!

Brides Beware!!! If it seems to good to be true it just might be!

With my help I then guided her to some sites that actually would have the gown, of course it was not at that price.  Brides, please be careful!.  There are many convincing websites out there.  Most will say they can order or even make this dream couture gown.  It's simply NOT TRUE!! I have seen many a bride come into us sad, depressed and totally defeated that have ordered gowns online from these less then reputable sites.

Mori Lee a fantastic designer and yes one of the designers that we carry has a listing on their site.

Here is the List:

Please be aware that purchasing gowns on the Internet through a non-authorized Mori Lee retailer IS NOT recommended by Mori Lee. By doing so, you will be receiving a counterfeit gown of much lesser quality that looks nothing like our gown or maybe not even a gown at all!                  

So Brides, my tip is simple.  Shop Smart! If you go to a bridal store ask the consultant to work within your budget, check out the sale racks, or even ask to buy the sample.

Your dream dress is out there and you can get it no matter your budget!

Accredited Bridal Consultant
Perfect Weddings

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wedding Notes: What's Underneath!

Hello Brides!

It's definitely wedding time here at Perfect Weddings.  We are seeing alot of brides! So as I was helping a bride dress for her first fitting appointment I got to wondering....

Brides do you know that a proper bra can not only make your gown look great but cut down on alterations??!!

So Brides my tip for the day.. Get A Good Bra!

So my brides you have found your perfect gown that has the look and features that you were searching for.  Whether simple or ornate it has everything that you could possibly want, now comes alterations.  A skilled alterations expert (trust me we have them here!!) can make the gown fit beautifully but sometimes they need help.

Some designers construct a wedding gown with a built in corsets, others do not.  That can come as a surprise to a bride, most thought corsets have gone out with the end of the Civil War; but a designer who added the proper "infrastructure" to the gown knew what they were doing.  BUT...if they did not it now becomes even more important to add that proper structure.

We recommend a corset or long line bra.  These bras not only hold you in but help the gown contour to your body.  The proper bra can help you feel and look your very best on this important day.

Last bit of advice, if you are unsure of your size please check with local bridal salons or a store that can properly fit you into the bra.  Also, make sure you choose either a simple white or flesh color.  That will make the bra much easier to camouflage.

Last but not least, try the bra on with the gown.  IF it does not work do not hesitate to ask for assistance from you seamstress, consultant or alterations expert!

We want you to beautiful and comfortable in not only your gown but everything underneath it as well!! ;)

Accredited Bridal Consultant
Perfect Weddings

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding Notes: Gifts for the Bridesmaids!

Hi Brides!

Its officially the start of August.  Lots of heat and Lots of weddings are in the plans for this month! I have seen a lot of brides in lately for last minute items.  As I was assisting a bride today on what she should get her bridesmaids, I got to wondering.  As a bride do you know that its important to buy your bridesmaids a special gift?

So Brides, my tip this week! Buy your bridesmaids a gift!!

If you are wondering if you NEED to buy them gifts, the answer is no.  But before you heave a sigh of relief, think about what those 3 or 4 or even 5 friends are doing for you.  They are buying a dress of your choice, shoes and maybe a headpiece of some sort.  They are giving up a weekend for you.  They are attending one or more showers on your behalf and are no doubt giving you a wedding gift besides.  So Brides, give your bridesmaids a little something to say thank you for being a part of the most important event of your life.

What to give? Jewelry, accessories, personal items, monogrammed items or items in their personal favorite colors are great ideas!

More and more brides are electing to host a spa day for all the attendants.  A day of personal attention and luxury is great way to thank those important ladies.  Another great idea a bride told me she did for her maids, sending them flowers.  Who doesn't love a bunch of flowers delivered to your work or home?

So Brides, the most important element is that its not the actual gift but what it means to your bridesmaids!  That you appreciate their support, attention and love!

Please feel free to comment or send questions

Accredited Bridal Consultant
Perfect Weddings

Wedding Notes Exclusive: August Bridal Bash!

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