Saturday, September 10, 2016

Choose your wedding dress to reflect the season

Choosing the right wedding dress can sometimes be more difficult than it seems at first – precisely because there are a lot of criteria to take into consideration. Sure, comfort, style and body type should all be important factors in your decision – but it is equally crucial that you choose a wedding dress that’s totally adequate for the season outside.

How do you do that? Here are some tips to help you choose your wedding dress to reflect the season.

Winter. Glamorous and opulent, winter weddings are usually associated with Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Winter Wonderland-themed events. Therefore, your dress should not only provide you with thermic comfort (e.g. long sleeves, heavy fabrics), but it should also coordinate with the luxurious feeling of the season itself (silver details can really do the trick when it comes to this).
Spring. Nature’s revival will make everyone feel happy and rejuvenated again – so your dress should reflect that. We suggest you settle for a delicate design that incorporates detail-work worthy of the positive vibes outside. Also, a dress with flower prints can be an amazing choice too – especially for those of you who want to step outside the boundaries of tradition.
Summer. With the heat outside, you’ll want your dress to be completely comfortable on your body. We advise you to either a cascading design that allows you to move freely, or go for a more elegant design made with layers of lace and veil.
Fall. Coordinate your wedding dress with the poetic and romantic fall feeling and you will look gorgeous! Champagne and ivory dresses, heavier fabrics blended into the lighter ones, sleeves that are only slightly longer, embroidery that reminds one of the fallen leaves – these characteristics work gorgeously with fall weddings.

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