Saturday, September 24, 2016

Your wedding dress should complement the season of your wedding

Your wedding gown is one of the most important elements of the entire wedding day. Of course, it should suit you and your personality, as well as your wedding style – and while these are very important criteria, it is also crucial to keep in mind the season outside too. After all, you want your dress to look stunning on the natural landscape surrounding you – and you also want to make sure you are comfortable in it as well, right?

How to do this? How to choose the perfect wedding dress, based on the season outside? Here are some tips to remember:

Spring. Go for fluttery, A-line designs that suit your body and your spirit in this beautiful season. Floral detail-work and even floral patterns also tend to work marvelously with spring weddings – so do not hesitate to be a little unconventional if you feel OK with the idea.
Summer. Considering the high heat outside, the last thing you want is a dress that makes you feel totally uncomfortable. Choose a gown that overlays thin fabric, such as lace or veil. Or, if you want to be non-traditional, settle for a cascade-length dress – it will wow all of your guests!
Fall. Want to fit in the beautiful, warm colors of this season? Choose a champagne or cream-colored wedding gown. Also, remember that this is the season when long sleeves and even thicker bodices start to look more than appropriate, so don’t rule out the options!
Winter. Planning a winter wonderland wedding, or a wedding inspired by the winter holidays? Make sure your dress looks luxurious and opulent – and that it is made from fabrics that can keep you warm too.

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